Why We Choose the Neoprene for Bags

Aug. 27, 2021


Maybe you don’t know that the first commercially successful synthetic rubber was neoprene. In daily life, neoprene products are not uncommon. For example, some bags are made with it. Many characteristics and advantages of neoprene make it very suitable for making bags. And neoprene bag is also becoming more and more popular.

The Advantages of Neoprene

Neoprene Bags Kid's Lunch bag Animal Character

Neoprene Bags Kid's Lunch bag Animal Character

Neoprene is a family of synthetic rubbers that are produced by polymerization of chloroprene. And from versatile dip-molding uses to great durability for outdoor products, neoprene offers excellent resistance and versatility.  


One of the best things about neoprene is its strength. This is one tough fabric. You can be sure it won't rip or wear away. It's also heat, chemical, oil and ozone resistant, which is just part of the reason why it's used so widely.

Water and Weather Resistant

The neoprene material has good water resistance. And maintain flexibility when withstanding a large temperature range. Therefore, it is resistant to degradation by ozone, sunlight, oxidation, sand, snow and dust-basically all weather conditions.

Soft and Lightweight

Neoprene is padded and soft. It can come in different densities but is generally thicker than other materials. So, it’s ideal for providing protection and cushioning. Also, it's lightweight.

Flexible and Stretchy

This is due to its immense physical toughness.

This is perhaps one of the greatest advantages to using neoprene. And its outstanding physical toughness makes it an excellent all-purpose rubber.

Chemical Resistance

Moreover, its physical and chemical properties make it heat, chemical, oil and ozone resistant. Neoprene material has excellent adhesive properties and is resistant to solvents. Therefore, it has a wide range use in the manufacturing of custom display cabinets, automotive trim, and so on.

Easy to Maintain

In addition to being light and durable, our neoprene products are easy to maintain. It can also be washed in water even in the washing machine. This means that dirt spots can be cleaned quickly and easily.

The Maintenance of Neoprene Bags

Neoprene Tote Bag for Adult's Lady

Neoprene Tote Bag for Adult's Lady

1.Hang the bag up overnight. When first receiving your neoprene bag be sure to hang it up overnight, this way the handbag immediately takes proper shape.

2. Don’t put your neoprene bags on the floor. Keep the bag off rough surfaces. Because the neoprene fabric is very delicate, do not run or slide the bag on rough surfaces, whether it is wood or concrete.

3.Handle your new bag with clean hands. Dirt and oil will pass through our fingertips, leaving those dirt and residues in our bag.

4. Don't over wash it. Don't wash the neoprene over and over again as this will make the bag lose its shape n sturdiness. You should use a very mild detergent for a cold, delicate machine wash, and then dry !

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