How to Extend the Life of Your Kid’s Swimming Suit?

Sep. 10, 2021


Swimming is a sport for children that can exercise their body and increase their skills.

When swimming, preparing a swimsuit for your child will be an indispensable task. However, it is inevitable to have to replace the old swimsuit after a period of time, but you can take some measures to extend the service life of the swimsuit. So how do you take care of the swimsuit? As a swimming accessories supplier, I will share it with you.


Kids Swimming Suits

Kids Swimming Suits

Wash Before Storing

Washing your bathing suit removes the salt, sunscreen, and chlorine that may be lingering after your day in the sun. Without removing these contaminants, your bathing suit may produce an odor that makes the entire drawer smelly. And these chemicals can cause yellowing or staining of the fabric, and chlorine exposure fades colors quickly. Washing your swimsuit before storage will help to prolong the longevity, color and elasticity of the suit.


No Harsh Detergents

Harsh chemicals in laundry detergents can ruin your swimsuit. The chemicals in some detergents can attack the fabric and eventually ruin the shape and elasticity of your swimsuit. We recommend using a mild detergent or swimsuit cleaner when washing your swimsuit. So please avoid using bleach or bleaching chemicals when washing and rinsing any swimwear.

After washing, lay your swimsuit flat to remove excess water; do not wring it out as this will stretch the suit, stressing the fibers and damaging its shape.


No Washing Machine

The washing machine may age your swimsuit prematurely, and the rope or decorations may hang on the blender. And the roughness of the inside of the washing machine and the intensity of the wash cycle can cause premature snags and holes in the swimsuit. Similarly, the heat from the dryer can result in color fading and can cause the swimsuit to lose its shape.

Hand washing will prevent your suit from losing its color and shape to increase its longevity.

After washing your swimsuit, air dry it totally by laying it flat on a towel in a well-ventilated area. Many people hang them in the bathroom to dry out, but this is often the worst place possible since bathrooms have high humidity that prevents the Swimsuit from drying completely.

The best way is to spread the washed swimsuit flat and let it dry naturally in the shade.


Don't Sit on Rough Surfaces

When you are tired from swimming, please avoid sitting directly on the pool deck during the intermission, because the rough splint will make the tiny, fuzzy balls that appear on the surface of the garment. We recommend that you spread a towel before sitting on any rough or scratched surface.


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